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Moby wrap lotus hold advice?

Hi there - I put DD in the lotus hold today for the first time, just to walk around the house and yard. I'm a total neurotic, so I held on to her the whole time anyway (and she seemed completely happy), but here's my question:

in the manual the pic shows the baby's feet inside, in the "pocket" but DD is getting big now and so I had her feet hanging out. Does anyone else keep the feet out?

Maybe they didn't work so well in the pocket because she wasn't sitting properly. A note for the lotus hold says make sure LO's in a seated position. I spread the fabric from knee to knee and all that, but she wasn't really "sitting"...

anyway, thanks!

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Re: Moby wrap lotus hold advice?

  • I've worn both kids in lotus/joey hold.  It's hard as they get heavier to leave their feet in there.  With DD since she's a peanut I put her in a seated position in lotus and when she gets tired of the sitting position I let her legs down but bent and she prefers that better.  It just depends.  I don't leave her in that position for more than an hour though because she gets overstimulated pretty quickly.  Then I turn her facing me and she can rest.
  • I keep the feet out and DD loves it.
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