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washing CDs (some for the first time)

Can anyone tell me how to wash my brand new CDs for the first time? I have Pockets, AIOs, and Fitteds.

I also have a handful that I got used. How should I go about washing these?

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Re: washing CDs (some for the first time)

  • I would strip the ones you got used with some blue Dawn in a hot wash and extra rinse.

    The pockets/aios/fitteds should be washed according to their materials. If they are a natural fiber like cotton, you should wash them separate so that the oils don't get onto the non-natural fibers (like microfiber or microsuede).

    What kinds are the pockets, aios and fitteds? That might help people answer the question better. Some have to be washed multiple times to get full absorbancy, others only need one wash (like BGs).

    What kind of detergent are you using?

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