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My OB gave me a Rx for domperidone to help increase my supply.  Im excited to try it but Im having a hard time finding a pharmacy that will fill it!  I've tried 3 different places and none of them even knew what it was used for.  So for those of you that take domperidone, where do you get the Rx filled at?  tia!

Re: domperidone??

  • It hasn't been approved by the FDA so you have to locate a compounding pharmacy that makes it.  I would google compounding pharmacies in your area and start their.  I had my doctor call in the prescription to the Randol Mill pharmacy in Texas.  They mailed it really fast (I'm in NY).  You could also order from a Canadian pharmacy.
  • I'm in Canada, so I'm lucky we can get it very easy since it's approved here. Try an online pharmacy, maybe! Good luck! Domperidone has helped me a lot.
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