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homemade baby food question

How far ahead can I make baby food and store in the freezer?  DD is 5 weeks old.  We have a huge garden that I would love to utilize to make baby food for DD, but realize that she probably won't eat any of it until January or so.  I would hate for all that free produce to go to "waste"...

Re: homemade baby food question

  • My doctor said baby food has the same shelf life as breast milk. I think that's about a week in the fridge, 3-6 months in the freezer, 6-12 months in deep freeze, and 24 hours after defrosting. Some things don't freeze well and it is my understanding the longer things are frozen the less awesome they taste. I made a bunch of baby food that LO will be eating in the next 6 months.
  • We never did puree's with our LO. You could always freeze them solid and then puree them when you thaw them or serve them as chunks if you want to do BLW.
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  • You might also want to consider canning. My grandma helped me with it last year for DS. He was the same age as your little one and I knew it would be at least 5 months before anything would get used. Everything we canned whole except the apples we made into applesauce. It all tasted delicious. I just used the last jar of applesauce this week.
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