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Do you dream in milestones?

The past month I keep dreaming about DS crawling or standing while holding onto something, neither of which he is close to doing.

Does anyone else have dreams about your LO doing things you are hoping to achieve? 


Re: Do you dream in milestones?

  • Yes  I have had several dreams about Lincoln saying things to me.  Counting to 10, saying "hi momma", etc...
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  • Totally! And it hasn't exactly correlated with when Dean has actually *done* those things, but it still is encouraging!!
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  • Yep!  I always have dreams where she just gets up and starts walking, even though she isn't even close to standing.  Sometimes they are so real I wake up and have to really think about if she did start miraculously walking or not.

  • YES!  Ty is months away from crawling, but since he started rolling he's become a belly sleeper, and inch-worms his way across the crib and floor constantly.  Every few nights I dream that he just gets up and crawls.  Shows where my head is most days!!! :)
  • Yes, but not quite in milestones, more like having a conversation with DS. Like a meaningful conversation. I also dream a lot about him looking me in the eye and saying 'Hi, mom!'
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