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help solve my mystery leaks?

we're having nitetime leaks in our pockets, and i can't find a cause. we're using BG3s with 1 of the MF inserts and a hemp or bamboo/zorb doubler. the leaks aren't from saturations bc at least part of the stuffing is still dry when she wakes up wet. the stuffing always seems to be in the right places when i take off the leaky dipe, and the leaks aren't consistently in the same spot.

we had some stink problems a month or so ago, and stripped via superhot water. no more stink. we have a FL HE machine, and do a full cold wash (no deterg) followed by a full hot wash (w/deterg). i've been adding an extra rinse after the hot wash since the stink probls. i way overbought CC many long months ago, so we're still using the old formulation of CC.

i just test boiled a couple of MF inserts for 15 min, but the water seems clean/soap-free. could it still be build-up? i guess it could be user error with the pockets. thoughts?

Re: help solve my mystery leaks?

  • Sounds like it could just be poor fit. Do you have leaks during the daytime too? If they leak only at night then build-up can be ruled out.

    We use GAD semi-fitted pockets at night to avoid leaks.


  • it has only been at night so far. i was wondering if all the rolling around was causing fit problems. we need to add a few things to the stash, so i think we'll be shopping for some other options.
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