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Floor Activity Gyms?

We have one activity gym that both boys love. They are just about too big to fit on it together without inadvertently kicking and punching each other. I was thinking of getting another one so long as it is not a toy that kids quickly outgrow.

How long did you little one use and enjoy their activity gym?


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Re: Floor Activity Gyms?

  • About seven months, maybe?  I think that we took the top part of the Gymini off at around six and a half or seven months old, and just left out the activity mat part of it for another month or so.  He lost interest in looking up at toys when he started to try to crawl.  (He didn't actually crawl for another month or two -- around eight months.)

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  • Mine stopped playing around 6 mos, I think?  I don't think it would be worth getting another one at this point unless someone's giving it to you for free.  Maybe only put one boy there at a time while the other does something else.
  • In the process of out growing ours now... We are switching over to an interlocking foam mat (alot of stores sell the alphabet one, but I got one that matches our hardwood floor.) Anyway she still gets floor time, but there is nothing hanging overhead. Typically babies start to outgrow back time around 6-7 months.
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  • G used it for a long time, well over a year but C only used it until he was about 8 months.  If you are worried they won't use it for long maybe you can find one on Craigslist or someone on here is getting rid of one.

    I always felt that it was one of the better investments we made though.

  • We stopped using it around 5 months.

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  • thanks - I figured the mats had a limited play-life to them and sorry for all the typos - I had a squirming baby on my lap.
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