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food allergy

Anyone have experience with food allergies? 

A few days ago Robby had peas and peaches for lunch and his face lit up. (He has had both on several occassions before). I really thought it was peaches that had caused the rash. WRONG. Today he had peas again.


Within 5 minutes his face turned bright red, his elbow turned red with many little bumps which looked like tiny bug bites (poor photo quality) and red blotches on his trunk.

I was hoping to get blood drawn for the allergy panel during his operation. Now, I don't know if we should wait that long. The handwriting is on the wall with his milk intolerance (possible milk protein allergy?), eczema, family history of peanut allergy and asthma and now this food rash.


I just read this:

Peanuts are not true nuts, but rather are actually legumes from the pea and bean family.

When trying to determine what your child is allergic to, parents (me) often incorrectly assume that if he has eaten a food before and not had problems, then he probably is not allergic to that food. They usually only suspect new foods as being able to cause a food allergy. However, it is important to keep in mind that it takes time for the immune system to build up a reaction against something that the body is allergic to. It may take days, weeks, months or even years to build up enough of a response to cause noticeable symptoms. So your child may be allergic to a food even if he has eaten it

many times before without problems.



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Re: food allergy

  • S used to break out in hives from a few different foods, and what you describe sounds a lot like hives.  Were they itchy?  Hives are really itchy.  Did you call your pedi?  Sometimes it can be a sensitivity that they will outgrow and sometimes it will be a true allergy.  My pedi said that doing allergy testing too young can sometimes result in a lot of false positives for things because their immune systems are so immature. 

    I found that she has outgrown a lot of the things that would trigger a hives outbreak when she was younger than 15 months.  It was really stressful introducing new foods, but I made sure to only give her new things early in the day when the pedi's office was open, and I always had benadryl on hand and knew the correct dosage to administer.  The good news is, she only ever had dermatological reactions, and benadryl always made the hives go away within about 30 minutes.

    I would talk it over with your pedi, and see what s/he thinks the best way to approach it is.  You might still be able to hold off on the blood test.

  • Awww... poor little Robby.  I hope it's not an allergy to peas, but with the family history of peanut allergy I guess it's quite possible.

    My nephew outgrew milk and egg allergies?and they were quite severe at one point. So you never know...  I just hope Robby's rash/outbreak goes away soon.

    I'm not allergic to any one food?but if I combine two foods that many people are allergic to (shrimp and strawberries) within a meal (shrimp for dinner, strawberry for dessert) I get hives. 


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  • Awww nook...poor little Robby! Figures crossed he outgrows it. I am beginning to think h is allergic to dairy. Granted he doesn't break out but boy does he get bad poops.
  • DS has a peanut allergy.  We have NO history of food allergies and gave him peanut butter when pedi gave us the go ahead.  He broke out immediately in hives starting around his eyes that worked their way down.  Thankfully we lived close to a pediatric immediate care center and they got him in right when we walked in the door.

     Our pedi said that eczema is a red flag for allergies.  He had it before the peanut reaction, but we didn't think to connect the two.  DD had worse eczema issues this winter.  She has yet to get peanuts or peanut butter.  I'm too chicken to try it!

     We did allergy testing at about 14 months.  It was fairly easy and confirmed a few other allergies.  We now carry an epipen.  DS also exhibits asthmatic symptoms when he gets sick so we've also got a nebulizer for breathing treatments.  I'm hoping he outgrows all of this! 

  • Ugh. Seriously, like you need another thing on your plate to worry about. Poor Robby! 


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  • Ohhh, I hope Robbie gets to feeling better. 

    My LO was tested at 6 months and tested positive for wheat, dairy and outside mold.  we are retesting in a couple of weeks (he's 18 mos) because I suspect he has many more allergies.

  • imagedaisydana:

    Ugh. Seriously, like you need another thing on your plate to worry about. Poor Robby! 


    This.  Hope he's feeling better!  And you seemed very calm - I would have been a bit more freaked! 

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