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Need maternity clothes for work (teacher)!

Hi all!  I am a teacher due December 17th, yay! I do not need to dress formally in suits but I do need some nice outfits for orientation day, 1st day of school, Picture Day, Back to School Night etc. I would usually wear dresses or nice skirts but obviously none of those from last year fit!

Any suggestions on where to buy reasonably priced maternity dresses/clothes?

I did get 2 dresses from Motherhood on sale but does anyone have anywhere else they recommend?


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Re: Need maternity clothes for work (teacher)!

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    I get my maternity school clothes from the Gap (casual stuff - khakis, sweaters, cords) and my dressier stuff from Ann Taylor (nice pants, nice tops, dresses). More expensive than Motherhood, but nicer stuff.
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  • I found a couple pieces at Kohl's, JC Penny's, and Target, but I buy most stuff at Motherhood.
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    JC Penny's actually has a pretty decent "teaching appropriate" selection of maternity clothes. They're not super trendy or sexy...but they're professional looking and reasonably priced.

    I'm a teacher and I plan on getting some things from there. Old Navy has some cute work appropriate stuff too.

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  • Gap (plus their stuff goes on sale fairly quickly which is nice), Forever 21 has maternity now too, and I think Ann Taylor loft has maternity too. Target has good basics too. I got my work pants from there cause I didn't want to spend $80 on them.
  • I am also due in December. Our local thrift stores always have a good selection of maternity clothes. You can always look there.
  • Believe it or not I got some REALLY cute stuff off of craigslist. Maternity clothes are SO expensive, so I decided I wouldn't buy new unless I had to. The girl worked at a dentists office so she had to be business casual. I would DEF check on there before shelling out these crazy prices!


  • I got a lot of work clothes at Kohl's and they are always having a sale or Kohl's cash. Target has lots of cute maternity dresses.
  • I'd go to Motherhood. Thankfully we have uniforms otherwise I'd be very stressed!!
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  • I'm also a teacher due 12/17!  I found a couple of cute dresses at Target that weren't anymore than $20.  I plan to wear those for open house and the first day of school. 
  • My mother (who I love for this) got on ebay and brought over an entire box of maternity slacks and shirts for work!  I need to look through them since I only have two weeks until I go back to school (work)!
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  • I shop at motherhood frequently, but I absolutely love the Liz Lange maternity line at Target. I work for the government and I have to dress nicely for work everyday, though I've never been a big fan of suits. The Liz Lange line is perfect for me, and I check my local Target every couple of weeks and they always have new stuff!
  • I go to a motherhood outlet near me, the outlet is seriously 1/2 the price of the store! Also, sears has some great deals on maternity clothes and I've been able to find non-maternity shirts and dresses that work well!
  • I just *popped* yesterday so needed to shop today for work appropriate clothing. I went to Sears and found a TON of great things. I also work in a school so they are dressy/casual. All of the shirts I bought were on sale for $10 and I also got a few pairs of nice dressy pants!
  • I'm also a teacher due December 17!  How funny that there are three of us!

    I can't recommend anything because, as a plus sized momma, I have very limited options- Motherhood, JC Penney, and Old Navy are about it for me.  I got some cute stuff at JC Penney that I like.  

    Also, I'm starting to think about shoes.  All of mine from last year are pretty beat up, and some aren't so comfortable because my feet are already swelling some.  I got so frustrated at Kohl's yesterday because I couldn't find even one pair of shoes that even fit me, never mind shoes that fit and were comfortable.

  • I'm due in November and just finished 3 weeks of summer school.  Man was I surprised on my third day of teaching to realize that I only had 1 pair of work appropriate maternity pants!

    I actually found that the majority of my dresses still fit, and look really cute with my bump.  I will be wearing those a lot for the first month when it is still warm. 

    JCPenney has been great for capris so far, but I am still trying to find pants - I am plus sized and tall.

    Target has some great skirts in the regualr section with elastice waists that I have been buying up a size and I think they will continue to fit for a while.

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  • Kohls.  They sell Motherhood brand.  If you catch them on a sale, the prices are good.

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