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side lying postition and c-section

I nursed DD, but never tried the side lying position when she was very little.  Have some of you with c-sections been able to do this post surgery?  I found it difficult laying flat when I came home.  I would like to try it when I have #2.
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Re: side lying postition and c-section

  • I nurse my DD now with the side laying position at night, its easier and not too much pressure on my incision
  • I love side-lying and have done it with both my babies (DD1 vaginal, DD2 c/s). 

    The only thing that bothered and frustrated me when I was first recovering (and even now, sometimes) is that DD2 looooves to kick while she's nursing -- and in side-lying, she was kicking directly at my incision. That was not fun while I was healing, and even now it bugs me a little. 

    I use my hand to block her kicks and that helps.  


    DD1, 1/5/2008 ~~~ DD2, 3/17/2010
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  • I had a vertical incision- so the cut was even higher on my tummy and I was able to nurse side lying- (nice!) I used a thin pillow to protect my belly- another pillow between my knees to balance my pelvis and relax my back... one behind my back and one under my neck... tons of pillows but a relaxed and comfortable mama!
  • :raises hand: if nt fore my sore nips at week 1 i shld be continuing this position. now at LOs 3w were ok and i BF her in this posirion at nighttime.

    i love you, my little mooncake mahal kita
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  • LO is now 7 weeks and is EBF. Football hold worked best for me. When she got a little bigger (8-9 lbs) side lying was fine too and still is.
  • I couldn't do side lying with LO till about 2 weeks after my section. It felt like there was just too much pressure on my tummy.  Honestly the the cross cradle hold with a boppy felt the most comfortable for me. 

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