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Is anyone over here doing the 30DS?

I know there is a fitness check in but I though that it might be nice to have some motivation to do this every day.  Is there anyone else on the SAHM board doing this?  I just started tonight and did level 1.  I've been running for about 4 months but the heat of this time of year is zapping my energy even while inside so devoting an hours worth of energy just is not cutting it.
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Re: Is anyone over here doing the 30DS?

  • I was doing it (and doing really well on it) but we moved a month ago and things have been so crazy.  We haven'tg even hooked up the DVD player yet

    I definitely plan on getting back into it, I felt like it was a good workout for only being 20 minutes. 

    Oh and IMO, Level 2 was the hardest.  I was feeling pretty good about myself, having mastered L1 and then came crashing back to reality with L2 - it took me a while to really master that one.  L3 was challenging, but not as difficult as L2

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  • I'm doing it as well. I am currently on day 14 and on level 2. I have already lost the weight and now I am trying to tone but I have to admit that I am getting a little dejected. I am not seeing the results I want. DD's church dedication is next Sunday and I was hoping to be in better shape than I am now.
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  • I just bought the dvd and plan on starting it tomorrow. 
  • I was doing it last fall but had to stop before really getting into it, as I got pregnant. I never got past level 1, and wasn't all that into it yet, but really liked it! I plan on doing it again once I get the "all-clear" from the OB on the 10th.
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