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coming up for air

We are on day 9 or 10 of "vacation"... A driving tour to see family around Ohio. We're in upstate NY now for a wedding as the finale of our trip. Had limited internet so I'm waaaaay behind on the news here.

Poor Ada, although doing very, very well, is worn out. Travel has thrown her for a loop - she must be full-body-contact with me only at ALL times. My arms and shoulders are so sore from lifting and carrying her...I can hardly wait to return home to "real life" and my normally more independent child. Man, I love that kid but she is wearing me out.

Hope all is well here. I'll check in again when I can :)

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Re: coming up for air

  • *Sends love and extra arm strength*
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  • Phew!  I'm tired just reading about it!  Where in Ohio?  We would have met up with you if you were in Cleveburg!
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  • Ditto PP. Makes me tired too!

    Can you pop into someplace while you are in a town w/family (so someone will be familiar) and find a baby place that sells slings? Or even a fabric store, get a few yards of material and just tie it - unless they have some rings - so you can wear her and give your arms a break???

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  • Awww, Ada loves her mama Wink

    Traveling is exhausting with the little ones. As much as I enjoyed our trip to the midwest, I was so excited to get back to home sweet home and our routine.

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  • Poor Ada and poor Mommy.  Hears to getting home and back to normal.
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  • Well at least you're getting great biceps in the process! I've lost weight since being SAHM b/c Adrian is 26 pounds and lifting him is a workout. That and I don't have much time anymore to prepare big lunches.
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  • Awww...soon you will be home and back to routine with Ada.  Enjoy rest of the vacation
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  • That sounds exhausting! I was toying with the idea of a trip with Sarah soon but then again always shy away from breaking her routine. The trip reports I read from all of the brave girls on here who travel with their LOs make me tired just thinking of it.

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