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Update for my stockers

*waves to SweetPea*

lol...so my estrogen is up to 207, which is perfect. I have a couple of follies that are definitely looking bigger than the rest, but still none bigger than 10mm. They're keeping me on this higher dose, and seeing me on Sunday. I'm predicting I'll either see growth on Sunday, or have overstimmed and be canceled. But I've pretty much been predicting that for all my appts for the last week and a half, so I'd take that with a grain of salt.

Unfortunately, I'm a big idiot and can't calculate my meds - I thought I'd have enough to make it through the weekend, but it turns out I only have enough for tonight and tomorrow night, and a smaller dose on Sunday night, then I'm out. I told my nurse and she said to phone the pharmacy, but they told me no one called in my new higher dose, so the refill would be rejected...by the time I found that out, the RE's office was already closed for the weekend. So we'll see what happens on Sunday - if we get canceled or decide to coast, I'll be fine, if they want to keep me at 112.5, hopefully they'll have an extra vial on hand to get me through 2 days!! 

So Miss 10dpo...I like your chart... ;-) When are you testing? 

Re: Update for my stockers

  • LOL.  I luv you.  Im so glad things are improving.  Crossing my fingers and toes that everything looks good on Sunday and you dont have to cancel :+)


    Now my 10dpo.  I so want to pee on everything in sight but going to try my very best to wait till sunday.  Im trying not to get my hopes up since I have the mult OPKs and the flat temps now :+(  but its not over till she shows her pretty lil head.

    Thanks for the update and will talk on sunday.  Hoping for a great day for both of us.


  • Yeah, but look at your temps compared to other months! I think this month looks GREAT! And maybe the extra couple of positive OPKs mean a strong ovulation? Or maybe even more than one egg? You never know...so you POAS on Sun and I'll do my appt and we'll both update ASAP!
  • Did you POAS yet?? Your temp's still up! 

    My appt went OK, I (finally) had some growth, so now I have two follies at 11mm and one at 14mm. Last time around, we had similar numbers around the same CD and I ended up having one at 20mm and like 10 right behind it at the next appt, so I'm still worried about overstimming. I'm guessing Tues or Wed for trigger (if we don't get canceled)! Oh, and I was able to get some meds...had to drive 30 hours away to get them, but I got 'em! 

  • I did but is was BFP but im not out yet.  I took an opk yesterday and got two lines.  The test was not as dark as contol and I have read mixed info on if it has to be darker.  I did one last cycle at this time and only got 1 line.  So only time will tell.

     I so glad your progressing.  Do you have another us before the trig?

  • I knew it!!! Your temps have been so much higher this cycle! Congrats!!!! 

    I actually just go the call, my estrogen jumped from like 215 to 675 between Fri and this morning, so that's pretty good...they want me back in tomorrow morning. I'm so nervous, I just feel like we've been doing the shots and ultrasounds for three weeks now, I have so much invested in this cycle, it would just suck to get canceled this late in the game.  

  • Typo: sorry it was BPN but im not counting myself out yet.  Still thinking happy thoughts for the both of us :+)
  • Booo....I don't know, with two lines on the OPK, I'd say it's at least looking good! *fingers crossed*
  • Thx.  I keep comparing it to the chart with DD but they look nothing a like.  Just hope I dont get a nose dive tomorrow
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