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Butterfly theme in the fall?

This is my first time planning a shower and I'm overwhelmed.  I was originally hoping to do the shower at a butterfly house but it's no longer available...is it ok to still do a butterfly theme elsewhere even though it's in September?  I think of butterflies only for spring or summer. 

What are some other themes that would be good for the fall?  Baby is a girl.  


Re: Butterfly theme in the fall?

  • I think butterflies are good anytime.  I hear fall and think leaves and pumpkins, but that's the standard fall theme.
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  • I think butterflies are good anytime of the year.  Our wedding was in September last year and we released butterflies, so I think they are always a good idea :)  Good luck planning!

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  • In CA, September is not really Fall...so I think butterflies are appropriate...honestly, I think for a baby shower, they are appropriate any time. My shower was a butterfly theme and it was MAGICAL!
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  • For a baby shower a butterfly theme would be great anytime of year.  If you want to make it a bit more "fallish"...through in a few catepillers in the decor.
  • yeah, butterflies are a girly theme, not a summer/spring theme.  go for it! :)
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