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Jury Duty in DC

Anyone have experience with jury duty in DC while breastfeeding?  Do they provide a place to pump, or will I get excused outright?
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Re: Jury Duty in DC

  • there is a room in the courthouse for breastfeeding. i don't know if you'll be excused and i'm pretty sure its open to the public.

    you might want to call the information desk and ask for the jury duty office (don't ask the information desk, they know absolutely nothing) they might know more about the bf-ing room.

    202 879 1010


    good luck!

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  • They won't excuse you unless you are exclusively bf-ing and are at home full time with your child.  I guess the logic is that if you pump at work, you can pump at the courthouse.  I had jury duty back in the spring while I was still pumping and they were quite accommodating.  When I was being screened by the judge and attorneys I told them that I was bf-ing and would need at least one break a day (at that point I was down to just one pumping session a day).  It didn't excuse me from service, but as I said, the folks in the jury services room are very helpful.  There is a private place to pump and a refrigerator.
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