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Miscarriage/Pregnancy Loss

I'm a jerk.

I know everyone cares, and it trying to check on me. But I'm tired of the same e-mails, and the same text messages.

How are you? - Not good.

Are you okay? - Nope.

How do you feel? - Like shnit.

Even DH says yesterday: "You've been in a crappy mood."  Then I respond with, "Well I lost my baby, and I've been sick and in pain for two months now... Hmmmm"

Does anyone say "Hey, wanta go see a movie?" "Wanta go to lunch?" - Nope. Even if I didnt want to, or didnt feel like going, just them asking would be nice!

Re: I'm a jerk.

  • You are not a jerk at all.. and i totally feel you on the emails and text messages.. I think its because they don't know what else to say... maybe don;t invite you to do things because they also don't know what to say or how to act..
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    I agree with PP, people don't know what to say. I fnally said 'I want to talk about it!!" otherwise I think it would still just between me and DH.
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  • I talk about my losses alot. I actually feel better when I bring it up. I hope you feel somewhat normal soon big hugs
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  • That sux and I'm sorry you're dealing with it.  Maybe say, "Not so good.  Would you wanna get lunch sometime this week to help me get my mind off of it?" People just don't know what to say unfortunately.
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  • I think people just don't know what to say so they would rather just avoid an "awkward" conversation.   Lately, I've had to spend some time by myself, other I get really snippy and go off on people.  Unless they've been through a loss themselves, most don't understand and the questions don't seem very sincere.  


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