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Our friend Jeremy

Margaux has always been fine with everyone, friends and strangers alike.  Not crazy-lovey with them, but smiley and friendly.  

Well, last night we went to our friend Mickey's house for some board games.  She saw Mickey, smiled and waved and was fine.  She saw her papa, and loved that.  She saw a guy named Greg she had never met, and she smiled shyly.  She saw Jeremy, who she has met once or twice a month since she was born, and started SCREAMING and crying.  

Poor Jeremy.  He is a really nice guy.  She kept doing it every time she spotted him for almost an hour before she calmed down and allowed him to exist in her universe.  I felt so awful!

It didn't occur to me until today why she might have reacted like that.  Jeremy smokes!  We don't hang around with a lot of smokers at all, so she almost never smells it.  None of the others there smoke.  When Jeremy came to our hose when she was younger he didn't smoke, because of her health issues.  Wow.  She was absolutely terrified.  So strange. 

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Re: Our friend Jeremy

  • I feel like crying when I am around a smoker too. Sorry but they stink...they don't think so but they do.
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  • Oh, I am sure he understood, but I know how you feel.
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  • Having Margaux scream at me would be great incentive to stop smoking!


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  • Amazing how perceptive they are, isn't it?  My brother is a golf pro and Ellie doesn't like him on days he's really sweaty - doesn't stink to us, but she's not having anything to do with him.  
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