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Orchid help - who has a green thumb?

My step MIL always gives me potted orchids.  I received a plant when Travis was born and it was beautiful.  Not so much now.  All the flowers have died but the leaves are green so I think its still alive (yes I've watered it).  How do I keep it alive?  I've killed all the others.  Once the flowers die, do you cut off the whole branch they are on or leave it?  Any tips?  Thanks!
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Re: Orchid help - who has a green thumb?

  • orchids are one plant that i always manage to kill. they are tricky. I have to call DH's uncle for something else today and I can ask him for tips. (he is the head horticulturalist at the Royal Botanical gardens in Montreal)- will post back.
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  • What is it potted in?  I found that bark works best because it keeps the roots from getting too wet.  When you water it, you should run it under the sink for a few minutes so the bark gets wet, and let the excess water drain away.  Orchids are really sensitive to overwatering--the roots rot really easily.  You also want to make sure that you don't get water in the center where the leaves meet because that can kill it, too.  Those hybrid plants are really tricky to get to bloom again.  For me, they usually bloom for a couple of years, and then they stop, but the flowers are really beautiful while they last.

    You can cut off the stem where the flowers were if the flowers are all gone--it's fine.

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  • I usually kill all houseplants, but surprisingly my orchid has been alive for a few years.  I usually cut the branch when the leaves fall off and it gets brown.  Eventually another one grows and it flowers again. 
  • Stacy, awesome thanks! 

    I think I will try cutting off the stem that the flowers were on and just keep watering it.  

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  • Sounds good so far.

    Orchids, to rebloom, need speific directions. It depends on the type of orchid what kind of soil or bark it is in. Do you still have the tag for what kind it is?

    http://www.orchids.com/home.html then click support- you might find something useful there!

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