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I may be an idiot

I want to start using my jogger which I got from my sis who got it from someone else. It's a MacLaren Mac 3. I pened it up & for the life of me can't figure out how to close it. I'm glad this happened in the basement & not after a walk in the would have been hell putting tha in the back of the truck.

I just found a website that rated it's folding an A-, but they don't show you how. That makes me feel even worse. Anyone have this stroller?

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Re: I may be an idiot

  • MrsSRMrsSR member

    I found this online..  try it...

    Just below where the handle bar part meets the rest of the frame, on the left and right side you will find black plastic bits that point down, which you can slide your finger behind. The right hand one has a silver button which you need to push in. Then pull both of the plastic levers towards yourself and push down at the same time. The Mac 3 will then fold down.
  • I've never seen you on this board MrsSR, BUT I just want to tell you I LOVE YOU! Those were excellent instructions. Funny thing is I have used this once before about 6 months ago & was able to somehow close it.
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  • MrsSRMrsSR member

    hahha..  I meant to go to the parenting board but ended up here instead.

    It was your lucky day.

  • Also, MrsSR...


    I send them catnip mice of love! 

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