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Medium Dunkin Donuts Iced Coffee

Yum! For some reason after several Google searches I can NOT find how many miligrams of caffeine are in a medium dunkin donuts iced coffee. Does anyone know? Thanks, girls!

Re: Medium Dunkin Donuts Iced Coffee

  • I'm not sure if this will necessarily help, but what if you just asked Dunkin' Donuts how much coffee they put into one of those bad boys?! You may have an easier time getting closer to an estimate if you just new how many "cups" are in it. My guess is no more than a cup and a half maybe. There's probably a lot of milk in it, right?

    I love coffee but I've never had one of those. Sounds delicious! Maybe I'll try one this weekend!

  • Good point! Maybe I will just ask! I always ask for extra ice and get creamer as between all of the ice and the creamer....there isn't much room left for too much coffee. Either way, I only get one when I absolutely need it so maybe I just shouldn't worry about it!

    Everyone's doctor is different but mine said I can have the equivalent of 6 Coke's per day. Crazy! I would never drink that much but I find it hard to believe that my medium coffee even has half of that!

     Take care :)

  • No problem!

    And SIX COKE'S?! WOW! I would never drink that either. I do have a thing for cream soda, but the most I drank in one day... ok, I had 5. It was during a Steelers game and I just forgot that I was even drinking it! Other than that, 1 pop if that is about all I can drink.

    And I think you totally convinced me that I need a Dunkin' Donuts Iced Coffee. I buy the ground coffee (DECAF now), but I haven't had it in weeks. I'll splurge on my caffeine allowance and get one this weekend. I honestly don't think there's that much in there. I'll ask when I go too! Report back if you hear ;-)

  • I think you might want to make sure you heard right about the six cokes.  That's a high amount of caffeine even for someone who is not pregnant.  Usually most doctors say no more than two caffinated drinks per day, if any.
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  • You can get any of their flavors as decaf in store. They'll also usually do 1/2 decaf 1/2 regular, which is what I do if I want some caffeine but want larger than a small.
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