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After 8 long weeks in the NICU Noah came home!!!  He went from 2.4 pounds at 30 weeks to 6.6 pounds at 38 weeks!

We are so thrilled, and are planning on taking a few days to ourselves, without any visitors to spend time with our little miracle!

The most emotional part of the discharge for me was when the nurse turned off his monitor and removed his leads. For 8 weeks we relied on that machine to tell us how he was doing (he had apnea/bradycardia and dropped his heart a lot during feeds). He is now home without any monitors and is doing soooooo well!!!

Good luck to all you ladies still waiting on your discharge date! 

Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker image noah joined us 10 weeks early.

Re: finally....

  • Congrats! Enjoy your LO being home!
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  • I love to see posts like this.  One leg of the journey done, with another one just beginning.  Congrats!
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  • Congrats!



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  • Congratulations! I remember that! Abd putting little pants on DD without the sat cuff being in the way;. It's weird when they turn everything off and hand you the baby, but wonderful! Enjoy!
  • yay!
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