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Another friend is pregnant...

Hi everyone.

Another friend of mine just got pregnant.  I'm jealous again, but it's not too bad this time.  When I first find out the news, I felt my heart skip a beat, but now I've calmed down. 

My friends are talking the baby will be a boy (just guessing), and since she already has a daughter, she'll be able to have both a boy and a girl, and it'll be perfect.  When I didn't know I had a fertility problem, I had the same mind set as they do, but now I appreciate the miracle of life so much more than before.  I would be grateful if I can just have another baby.

My period has yet to show up, and since I'm traveling, there is nothing I can do...

Thank you for listening.

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Re: Another friend is pregnant...

  • A friend of mine just had a baby and another just found out she is pregnant.  I know how you are feeling.......Our day will come! again.
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  • Hearing this news when you are waiting and waiting isn't fun, but you seem to have a great attitude about it. :)
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  • No matter how happy you are for your friend, it still stings a bit and is hard to hear.  {{HUGS}}
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  • Last month a gf called and left a VM that she had some news to share.  I knew she was preg and I chickened out and emailed her instead of calling her back.  I wanted to "hear" it in a place where I could bawl without her knowing I was upset for her pg.  It sucked to say the least.  At least you were way better about it than I was! ((HUGS))

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  • I know how much that sucks. :-(
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