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Miscarriage/Pregnancy Loss

D & C Friday morning at 5 AM!!

So my beta levels aren't dropping. OB says he can't see anything on a u/s so he wants to go in and make sure everythings out. How sucky is this!! I go thru a natural miscarriage and still have to had a d & c.

 I should make a shirt:

Pregnant twice, have two angels and all I get is this crappy shirt and a fat tummy!!!

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Re: D &amp;amp; C Friday morning at 5 AM!!

  • I'm so sorry.  This whole process is so scary.
  • Am sorry! I hope everything goes good!
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  • Sorry. =(
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  • big (((hugs))) for you.
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  • I hope all went well. T&P.
  • I am so sorry :(
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  • Ew, D&C and 5 AM? I'm so Sorry! Sounds like a barrel of monkeys...but I am sure you'll do great. T&P to you

     My D&C was at 6 AM when I had it...so I know how you feel. 

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