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OMG - getting ready to go on vacay is a huge PITA

I'm glad we are going, hooraa7 for that, but holy cow.  I've spent all week getting the laundry done, bills paid in advance, house cleaned, dog sitters organized, snacks and movies for the drive purchased, etc. etc.  Now everyone is in bed and I still need to get the van cleaned out, find batteries for the camera, blah, blah, blah. 

Can not wait until I'm sitting by the lake reading a book. 

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Re: OMG - getting ready to go on vacay is a huge PITA

  • I agree, it's awful. Just enjoy your time at the lake.

    Also, it totally sucks when you get back too.

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  • haha!  I feel the same way, and have done exactly what you have done for our vacation. The only difference is we are flying so I am glad that I did not have to get much food. We did drive earlier this summer for another vacation we took, and I recall buying so much food and having so much left when we got home.  haha!  Have fun and hope you get to relax once you are there!

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  • MKNolaMKNola
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    Always us moms who are up late doing all the prep work;) Enjoy our vacation! You've earned it!
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  • I feel your pain!  I only have one kid but I feel like I need the whole house!  Thank god we have a washer and dryer where we are going.  Oh and DH is on his own since he decided to take today as a vaca day too so he can golf...sorry dude, you can do your own laundry and pack your own suitcase. 
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  • I totally agree. It always takes me a week to get everything ready, and about 4 trips to Walmart because I inevitably forget things or don't realize I need something until the last minute. Have fun though!
  • I have been doing the same thing this week!  We leave tomorrow.  I have to bring food for the week as well which is nuts.  I cannot believe how much stuff and food we need for a week away.  At least we won't have as much to bring home!
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  • We don't leave for four weeks and I have already started packing.DS on the other hand has discovered a new game called "Let's unpack the case!"
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