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Rejoining you ladies

Hi ladies.  This is my 3rd miscarriage in 5 mos and I feel numb.  I have done everything the doctor said each time and waited the appropriate amounts of time that he has suggested and I just feel like nothing is going right and that we just can't catch a break.  I feel lucky that we don't have a difficult time getting pregnant, but then can't decide if that's a blessing or a curse since it never ends in the result we would like. 

My betas were at 0 yesterday so I was hopeful we could start the RPL testing quickly, but my dr wants to wait 3 weeks to see me.  I am not sure what to expect from the testing.  I have read up some on it, but I'm nervous they won't find anything. Correct me if I am wrong or leaving something out, but the test checks for hypo/hyperthyroidism, vitamin deficiencies, auto-immune issues, blood clotting issues or a problem with the shape of your uterus.  I already know where my thyroid levels are because I found out in Dec that I was slightly hypo.  As far as the other things go I would think I would already know that I had those issues.  Auto-immune and blood clotting disorders seem fairly serious and I would have thought at 31 I would have already had some sort of symptoms of that, right?  As far as my uterus, again maybe I am wrong, but I would have thought if something was wrong the dr would have noticed when he did my d&c back in March. 

I am probably over thinking all of this, but it's hard not to at this point.  If you have been through this testing before and can shed some light on it I would really appreciate it. 

Thanks to you all and I am truly sorry there is even a need for this board, but I am thankful it's here. 


Re: Rejoining you ladies

  • I am so sorry this is happening again. =(  I got testing done and it was normal for chromosomal abnormalities.  The unknown sucks because we wanted answers, but I know it is good news that it came back this way.  I do not know enough about the testing to say what it does and doesn't test for but hopefully others can give you info on this.  I am also thankful this board is here as sad as it is. 
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    Oh honey I am so sorry. I can't imagine three. My heart breaks for you. Broken Heart

    I can't give any advice since I've never had testing, but today at my follow up, my doctor said that if I have a second m/c, she will do testing then. She just kind of ran through some medical names for testing that I don't remember, then she said "it might be that your body doesn't recognize the half of the baby that isn't you so your body gets rid of it as foreign material'

    She just said this in passing, but it gave me an idea of how many things could go wrong that I would never know about and would ONLY find out by getting testing done.

    I am so sorry you have to do this, but I am thankful testing is avaliable!!

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  • Thank you guys for the support.  I never in a million years thought we would be going through all of this, but hopefully there is a silver lining somewhere and we will get some answers. 
  • I cannot imagine the pain you are going through right now.   (((Hugs)))
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  • I am so so sorry you are going through this.

    I don't know they said anything about this, but have you had your progesterone checked? My doc recommeneded this after my 2nd m/c, so I am going to see if mine is low. He said this could contribute to m/c's.

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    I'm so very sorry for your losses! I can't imagine. (((hugs)))  I don't have any input on the testing, just wanted to send some love your way.

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  • I am so sorry for all 3 of your losses! I honestly couldn't imagine going thru 3 losses. You are still here, so that is a huge plus!! I am sending huge hugs your way, and I hope your time of grieving doesn't last too long!
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