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Barnes St. Louis Labor & Delivery rooms

Anyone know about the rooms at this hospital? Chances of getting a private room? Any tubs available in the rooms to labor in? Are the rooms nice? I guess I feel like Im to early to bother my doctor with these questions.

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Re: Barnes St. Louis Labor & Delivery rooms

  • I don't know about Barnes St. Louis, but I am delivering at Barnes St. Peters, and all rooms are private and have tubs.
  • Check this out:

    Upon reading it, my guess is that the mother-baby unit rooms are not private, as they are not saying that they are, nor are they showing pictures.

    As for it being too early to bother your doctor, I don't think it is at all, especially if you're trying to decide on a hospital.

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  • I delivered at Barnes so I can answer your questions for you.

    You will get a private L&D room, I've never heard of them doubling up in L&D unless something freakish happens.

    You might have to share a room in recovery, but they always try to room you with someone who is about to check out, so you only have to share for half a day or so. They were really busy when I delivered, but I only had to share a room for about 4 hours and it was no big deal at all.

    They do have a few rooms with tubs, just make sure you request one when you get to L&D. They told me they save them for people who request a tub, and only use them otherwise if they are super busy.

    I'd definitely recommend going on the tour, they can answer all your questions for you. I had a great experience at Barnes, but make sure you tell them no med students (if you don't you'll be bugged every 10 minutes). If you have any other questions feel free to PM me!


  • Thanks lpstl. That makes me feel much better. I think Im getting used to the med students. I see them at every doctor appt. before I get to see the doctor.
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