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Worried about Baby Shower Date!!

I am due in Feb. 2011 and I live in North Cali so that means cold weather + rain. I really want to have my shower at the end of October but the organizers don't want it "too early" since I will only be about 26 wks. They want to have it done on the first week of December and I don't want to because it will be very cold and probably rain. I don't want to be stressed out about the possibility of rain but what can I do. They also want to do it after Black Friday so that people can get my gift at a low price but that is when I wanted to shop for the things that I did not get at my shower. What should I do? How should I tell them?

 I should have mentioned that is will be an outside party because my mother does not have enough room inside her house and the hostes does not have enough money for a hall. Also I wanted guest to not be all cought up with their holiday schedule.

Re: Worried about Baby Shower Date!!

  • You're worried about rain?  And cold?  Huh?  If you were talking snow, o.k, I get it.  But I think most people are able to handle rain and cold. 

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  • I think you should just let it go.  If they are throwing your shower and that's the time that works for them, you should just deal with it.  You shouldn't let a little cold and rain stress you out.  As far as black friday goes, I don't think that is going to have much effect on baby gear. 
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  • I used to live in Hayward, and I still live in the Bay Area.  Rain is not a big deal most years, so I don't think you need to worry about it in December.  You're having a winter baby, so it's not like you'll have an outside shower.

    Just let your hostess(es) plan what they want, and ENJOY being celebrated!!!  =)


  • Oh, and you can shop for things ahead of time (on Black Friday).  We bought things ahead of time for our LO, because we knew we wouldn't receive everything we wanted at our shower.

  • I don't mean to sound super harsh - but please don't be a brat.  Someone is giving you the gift of a shower.  You really don't get to mandate how the gift should be given.
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  • I live in San Jose and I really think you're making too big of a deal over the weather.  You're going to always have to deal with cold weather when it comes to your LO's bday so why make a big deal of it now?
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  • I'm not familiar with northern California - do you get flooding and washed-out roads?
  • Be thankful you don't live where I do. In February, we're in about three feet of snow and it's about -30 Celsius (-40 Fahrenheit). I think your guests should be able to handle the potentially cold wet weather.

    Unfortunately, it's not really up to you as to when it's being held, either. As long as you're free on the day the hostesses choose, it's their call in the end.

  • image RoxyLynn:
    I'm not familiar with northern California - do you get flooding and washed-out roads?

    Not even close.  A cold day in winter is the 50's for us.

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  • image dragon_chica:

    image RoxyLynn:
    I'm not familiar with northern California - do you get flooding and washed-out roads?

    Not even close.  A cold day in winter is the 50's for us.

    Well, every expectant mother is entitled to some hormone rushes of irrationality.  It'll pass, and the OP will realize this is silly.

  • maybe you can suggest a compromise--early november to avoid the insane holidays. personally, as a guest, i'd rather attend a shower before the craziness sets in around holiday time. and i'd never rush out to a black friday sale for a shower gift lol.

  • You need to calm down.  Cold weather + a chance of rain won't ruin your shower unless you're planning to have a picnic in the park(which I wouldn't recommend for Feb. anyway).  I had my baby in Jan. so my showers were in Dec. and I don't think anyone ran out on black Friday to get my shower present.  Calm down and let your shower organizers plan a shower for you.  Relax and enjoy your shower.

    And I'm originally from Sacramento - the weather isn't THAT bad.

  • Actually it would be an outside party that is why I am worried!!!
  • Hayward, CA has one the most tamest cold climate compared to the rest of the country in the winter.  I used to live in Fremont and now in Santa Cruz which is not too far from you.  People have no problems attending Holidays party in December despite the weather so I don't see how it would be different for a baby shower.

    Since the organizer is hosting, paying and decorating the party, I would be more flexible with them doing what would work the best for them too.  This ensures they have adequate time to do a nice shower.  The only concerns with dates I would have is having it too close to the Christmas seasons and having it too close to the due date.

  • image canelgx:
    Actually it would be an outside party that is why I am worried!!!

    I find that a bit crazy that somone would host a outside party in December.  Instead of changing the date, I would ask them to please host it inside for everyone's comfort.

  • I think it's a great idea to let your guests save money by shopping on Black Friday! You can have your turn to save on the day after Christmas - you'll get deals at that time as well!

  • I wouldn't worry so much about Black Friday. Do you really think you'll have the energy for that? Remember that there are also very good deals on Cyber Monday.
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