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question about Weight Watchers?

I did weight watchers before I got pregnant and then I got pregnant. I want to start it again after baby is here. I was wondering how long after the baby is born should I wait to get back on the weight watchers wagon?

Re: question about Weight Watchers?

  • If you are planning on nursing, they have a plan for nursing mothers.  If not, then I think you could start the day she is born.
  • I believe it's 4 weeks.  You don't want to start right after the baby is born.  Believe me you will have so many other things to worry and think about, the last thing you want to do is stress out about losing weight.
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  • Thank You I think I will wait four weeks. I am planning on nursing. I am sure you will see more of me come November right around the holiday season.

  • They do have make accommodations for nursing mothers (I'm doing it now). One thing, though--I could not diet AT ALL without my supply tanking. So I waited until DS was on cow's milk and only nursing at night.
  • I think I started about 3 weeks after and I didn't have any supply issues.  However, if I am being honest I did not do the program well at that time.  I mostly rejoined to attend meeting and get back in the swing of things.  It was several months after my DD was born that I actually started tracking and doing all the stuff again.
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