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Advice on where to live!

We just found out we'll be relocating to the DC area in Nov...I'm due with #2 in Sept, so it's likely I won't be able to get down to help with the housing search, which is a little scary, but DH (I hope) can handle it.

It's only for 2 years, so we'll be renting.  We live right outside of Boston (in Cambridge) currently, so we're used to walkable neighborhoods and high rent.  DH will be working in DC and will sometimes (unfortunately) have to drive to work with a company car.  My DH has not owned a car since he was 18, so this should be interesting.  I know the traffic there is terrible.  If the metro was also accessible this would be ideal.  

Any ideas on areas?  I keep hearing Arlington/Alexandria...but what areas within those areas are easier on the commute and have fun, family friendly neighborhoods?  Anything within DC or in MD?  

We'd want a 2-3 bedroom place, would need parking and would like to keep rent around $2300...but could go higher if we needed to.

Any help would be great, I am, at this point, very pregnant, hormonal and overwhelmed!

Thanks ladies, and it looks like I'll be over here soon :)

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Re: Advice on where to live!

  • I don't have great advice on renting, but definitely also ask on the regular DC Nest board, you'll get even more responses over there.


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  • We live in Del Ray and love it. Very kid friendly. Also very walkable. I work in DC and it takes me about 20 minutes to get into the city and parked. Not a bad commute at all.
  • The first place that comes to mind is Clarendon (Orange Line of the Metro).  I also love Fairlington (very family friendly, with great community ammenities), but you have to take the bus to get to the metro.  There are some neighborhoods off to the side of Pentagon City that are nice (Aurora Heights, for instance).  I'm not sure on the rent for houses there, though.
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  • I live in N. Arlington and pretty much all the neighborhoods are family friendly and safe with parks/playgrounds nearby.  Plus you get an added bonus of being able to join Mothers of North Arlington, which is a tremendous mom resource.  Lyon Park, Lyon Village, and Ashton Heights are popular for being near Clarendon (shops/restaurants) and the Clarendon metro (being near metro is more expensive though).  All of N. Arlington is nice.


  • Ditto Arlington, but be prepared for high rent (over 3000), especially close to metro stops, for a 2-3 bedroom place.
  • Another vote for North Arlington.  We live near the Ballston mall and DH works in the District.  It can take him anywhere from 20 - 45 minutes to get downtown depending on traffic.  

    I love the area.  There are tons of young families (so many so that it's starting to overcrowd the elementary schools but that's another issue).  I'm also a member of MONA and it's a great resource for meeting other moms with young kids.

    I have no idea what the rental range is but I'd be prepared for high prices.  Since you're from Boston you're probably used to this.  If you don't need to be close to the metro there are lots of family friendly neighborhoods that are a little further away.   We're in Bluemont which is about a mile away from the nearest metro-walkable but a long walk.  

    Traffic is awful in this area but it's mainly commuter traffic I've found that I can avoid it most days.  Most of what we do is within Arlington or DC so we do not get stuck in the traffic.  Most days I don't even get on a major road and we're out doing activities all day.  

  • Look into the Capitol Hill neighborhood in DC.  Very walkable and metro accessible.  You can find townhouses in that price range.
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