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Birthing Class/Husband Participation

Similar to another recent post, I am coming up on 21 weeks and wondering when the best time to go on a hospital tour is also, is it imperative for your husband, or at least another person to go with you?


My husband is a police officer and doesn't regularly have weekends off. I am hoping to do my hospital tour by the end of August, beginning of September. Since he does have a couple Saturdays off around then, otherwise I'd have to wait till November which is way to close till babies arrival.

Delivery will be at Pennsylvania hospital, which I have herd a lot of positive things about, so I am excited.

So again my main question is, is it important that your spouse or at least a family member join you on the tour, or would it be something I could do on my own.


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Re: Birthing Class/Husband Participation

  • It is nice to have someone with you, but certainly not necessary for the hospital tour. 

    For childbirth/newborn care classes - I would suggest having someone with you.  We practiced relaxation and breathing exercises during the class, where everyone sat on the floor with a partner.  You could do it by yourself, but would be better for you with someone there.

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  • Thank you.
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  • JMTTCJMTTC member
    My husband came to both the hospital tour and the labor class as they were provided at the same time.  I definitely feel as though it was beneficial for him to be there, mainly for the class, just so he is prepared and can remember maybe what I forgot:)  We took our birthing class at Lankenau Hosp, which is where I am delivering.  We took an all day class on Saturday but they also have ones taught on weekdays from 7-9:30.  Ours was taught by a labor and delivery nurse who is employed at Temple Hosp and she was great!  The class was $100 and my husband and I definitely thought we got our money's worth!
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  • I am leaning toward bringing him. I just have make sure it works with his schedule.



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  • I'm delivering at Pennsylvania Hospital too and am going for a hospital tour and birthing class on a Saturday all day.  They do Saturdays and Sundays, and the patient education coordinator for OB is the nicest person!  Call her.  She'll help you work soething out. 

    My husband and I will both go.

    They do hospital tours w/o class and I like the online tour, just in case nothing works out. 

    Good luck. 


  • you have a choice of either doing couple of evenings during the week class or one day weekend class. If you go with one day weekend class, it's better to take it very close to actual birth since you might easily forget everything.

    And yes, it is important that your husband attends since he will get an idea of what it's like for you to actually give birth and to deal ith postpartum stuff.

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