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I know I've said this before- regarding Shaw's

I go to Shaw's once a week for the deals only.  I do not do my regular shopping there.  About once a month the cashier gives me a hard time about using my coupons, or if my coupons don't double correctly.  It's so annoying!

Today's "problem" was the granola bars (BOGO), plus a coupon for "purchase 4 and get a free milk".  I had a "$1 on 2" coupons for the granola bars too.  The cashier was trying to tell me I couldn't use all the coupons, blah blah blah.  The woman bagging is the lead cashier and told her she's been doing it all week.  The cashier said back "just because you've been doing it all week doesn't make it right".

All the while I'm thinking- just give me my damn stuff!   The cashier was a younger girl- probably high school, early college aged at most.  She was pretty pretentious, giving the lead a hard time.  So annoying!


Re: I know I've said this before- regarding Shaw's

  • This really sucks.

    Unfortunately unless it's a straight-forward coupon, I never use them anymore.  For some reason, I got this kind of flack at every store I went to.

    I was very friendly, asked how they were, made conversation, tried selecting just young men, etc - Nothing. Freaking. Worked.

    I usually ended up getting my deals but not after a very long fight and now I just don't have the energy to go through that with baby in tow.  It's unfortunate because I know I spend a heck of a lot more without them.  Boo.



  • That's so annoying.  I rarely have problems with couponing around here, but when I do, I was always take it to the manager or service desk to deal with.  I've only had an issue once that the manager wouldn't correct. 
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  • I hate that they won't take any buy one, get one free coupons printed off the internet.  I know they're trying to prevent fraud but do the fraudsters really make up coupons where they have to spend money first -- I thought it was a problem with just "free" coupons?  Walmart and Target are happy to take my internet BOGO coupons. 


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  • sounds like the cashiers as the Acme near me. The store is pricy but when they have a sale I'll go there with coupons and most of the time they give me a hard time and have to call for a manager. I've read that Acme has the only unionized empolyees around and most of them are older so I think they are career employees and are really diligent about their jobs (ie: coupons) I always like to get the HS kids who don't seem to give a sh!t. But it sounds like you got one this time!
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