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Childcare in Murfreesboro

I was just wondering if any of you ladies were 1. in my area, and 2. had any recommendations for childcare in Murfreesboro. I met with a woman who keeps children in her home for $85/ week, but she keeps more kids than my husband and I are really comfortable with. I looked into "kids r kids" today & really like the facility and the employee to child ratio (1:4). They are $175/ week but I get a discount because I'm still in college.

If anyone has any contact info for either someone watching children in their home or a daycare, I would really appreciate the assist. Thanks in advance.

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Re: Childcare in Murfreesboro

  • Hi I am in the boro area but I am sorry I dont know much about childcare in the area. My DD is 11 so it has been a long time since We needed childcare. Good luck in your search!
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  • I'm in the boro, I know of a couple of places... Community Care-- a friend of mine is the assistant Director there, Tots Landing-- my nephew and niece went there. Now I haven't visited either place so I can't say for sure what they're like, but you may want to look into them.
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  • I'm in the boro but SAH so I don't know of any good child care places. I just wanted to say hi!
  • Hi!  I'm in La Vergne, and will be looking for child care as well.  Someone else mentioned Tots Landing, and a friend of mine here in La Vergne sends her daughter there, although she didn't go as an infant.  If you get anymore info off this board, I'd love to hear about anything over this way!
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  • I run a daycare out of my home in Shelbyville. I charge 85 weekly.
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