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Anybody putting off a move while SAHM?

I think I know the answer to this, but for some reason I just want reassurance.  Right now I'm a SAHM and we've had no financial problems and I've been able to do whatever classes, etc. I want with DS.  We put our house on the market the day after my bfp (had been planning on selling for over a month and prepping).  Now that the reality of the pregnancy is setting in we're thinking of taking our house off the market and staying put for a couple years. 

I won't lie, the thought of a house w. a yard and more room for the kids does look nice in my mind.  However, being able to feel "rich" as a SAHM b/c we're living under our means is probably the better option, right?  In a couple years I'll be closer to bringing in income too.  Although these home prices and interest rates are so tempting (we'd be buying a starter home in an area we couldn't otherwise afford). 

I don't really know what the purpose of this post is except to get some insight from people who have made the decision one way or another and it either worked out for the best or they later regretted it.  It's been on my mind a lot the past week and we really need to let our realtor know if we're going to pull the plug on this whole thing. 


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Re: Anybody putting off a move while SAHM?

  • My husband is a finacial analyst and has been going crazy over the current rates. We had no intentions of going anywhere for the next 2 years at least until he got this bug to put the house on the market and build. We can build a bigger house for the price that this one we live in will sell for and with the rates the way that they are, our mortage will be about the same so I can still stay home. We sold our house in about 4 days so we got really lucky! My dad is a builder so we are lucky in that respect too BUT in 2 or more years housing prices are going to go up as are rates so we jsut decided to bite the bullet and do it now. GL with whatever you choose to do. My husband says it is such a great time to buy but hard to sell since it is a buyers market. I would still buy within your means.

  • We are in the process of trying to sell our house.  We have one of those yucky ARM's and all the houses in our area are under water A LOT!  Just makes sense for us to move on out and rent for awhile.  This was a tough decision, but what we realized is you have to do what is right for your family vs what the market is like.  IMO the market will be just as low in 3 years from now, it will take a long time to recover (depending on your area).

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  • Yes, we are. We bought a small starter house in foreclosure when the market tanked, we flipped it, and we'll sell it when I'm planning to go back to work FT (when LO #2 starts 1st grade). We'll sell, relocate to somewhere cheaper, and buy a big house once I find a FT job. We figure that we'll make a good amount from our house sale (we already have $80k in equity in the house with the market being crappy still) that our mortgage payment won't change substantially.

    Can you try to refi to a lower interest rate?

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