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OBGYN's in Potomac Falls or Reston area?

Hi everyone! I just found out I am prego yesterday!

I don't currently have a Dr that I see, just a family practice for paps and that kind of thing. Any suggestions on good ones close to Reston Hospital? I think I'd rather deliver there than Loudoun Hospital.

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Re: OBGYN's in Potomac Falls or Reston area?

  • I go to Loudoun Physicians for Women.   They have offices in Sterling and Leesburg.  They deliver at Loudoun Hospital at the Birthing Inn though.  I had a wonderful experience at the Birthing Inn.
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  • http://www.physiciansforobgyncare.com/index.html

    They are in the Reston Hospital complex. 3 female doctors in the practice. BEST DOCTORS!!! I had a very eventful PG including 10weeks of bedrest followed by an emergency c-section where they literally saved the life of my son. I can not say enough good things for the care and attention I received from them. Their office staff is also very nice and helpful. THey have a lab and u/s in the office so you never have to go anywhere else for tests.

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  • I also go to Loudoun Physicians for Woman and I've had great experiences with them.
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