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Maternity photo shoot?s: what to wear and how far along were you?

I am 28 weeks along and am scheduled to get my maternity pics taken on Saturday, but I am starting to wonder if I should reschedule them for a later date? The pics are meant to be more of a family photo shoot with ds and dh, so i dont yhink there will be that many bare belly shots (also I am doing these at a park) I was thinking of wearing a dark purple shirtdress from motherhood. But I don't know if I should wear a skirt and a tshirt to be able to show off my belly if I wanted too. What did you wear at your photo shoot and how far along would you recommend I be, keeping in mind it is more about a family shoot then just a maternity photo shoot. Also, what would you have your dh and ds wear?

Re: Maternity photo shoot?s: what to wear and how far along were you?

  • 33 weeks is the best time to get photos.

    I wore jean capris and a cute pink maternity top ( flip flops )

    I also wore a white shirt that clung to my belly that way she could wrap a colored bow ( pink or blue) around my belly and take cute shots.

    I brought an u/s picture and a pair or NB shoes to incorporate in shots.

    Last outfit I wore a black skirt and blue top.


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  • See siggy.  I was 34 weeks.  Wear solid colors that match, but aren't the same.  If you do go for a print, make sure it isn't too small or too busy.

  • Did mine this past Saturday so almost 32 weeks. I wore a black skirt and tank top for belly shots (at our home) and a flowy black and white dress for shots we did in public. MH wore a red shirt and khaki pants so we could have a little color (I am currently most comfortable in black/dark colors so MH had to be the bright one!). Still waiting to see them but they showed us a few shots when we were out and they looked great. 
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  • I had mine done at 33 weeks, would have liked to do them around 30 (because my belly is so big cause of the twins, it measures 7 weeks ahead)

    I wore dark jeans and a fitted black maternity tee, SO wore shorts and a black golf polo.  We also did ours in a park- personally I think jeans with black, white or gray look best with outdoor shots. 

    Personally- I think bare belly shots are great to have.. SO wanted one of him kissing the belly.. he is in love with it. 

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  • I think its best to get them done later in pregnancy so that you get the full belly effect, but that is just IMO. With DD#1 I did them at 37 weeks and this time (see one in siggy) I did them at 35 weeks.
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  • I had mine set for 37 weeks then became sick and once I lost most of the cold, I got pink eye. I just had mine done yesterday...PLEASE DONT WAIT THAT LONG (38.5) will hate it!
  • We wore solid colors, trying to match one another
  • I had mine at 34 weeks.  Your outfit may depend on your setting and the look you want.  For example, I wanted lots of B&W and we had our photo shoot at sunrise along a rocky coastline.  To fit with that look I decided to wear a long white skirt (Old Navy) and I alternated between a white, gray and peach colored tank top.  I also had a white belly band (you know the ones that you can wear over your unbuttoned pants) to wear as a bandeau top.  I had DH wear jeans and a fitted v-neck tee.  I always go for simplicity when having photos taken, just my personal preference. Have fun!
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