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Timing of Meals/Bottles

I kind of feel like ds is eating all the time...Here is his schedule right now:

6:30am - bottle

8:30 - breakfast

10:30 - bottle

12:30 - lunch

3:30 - bottle

5:30/6:00 - dinner

7:30 bottle

Does that sound okay for a 9 month old? He's doing 4 bottles for a total of 24 oz. a day. I've never done bottles right around meals, but should I be?

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Re: Timing of Meals/Bottles

  • I think it sounds fine.  I remember feeling like all I ever did was feed DS too!  At some time right around 9-10 months old, I think we dropped to three bottles a day and it helped somewhat.  That didn't happen until DS was really starting to eat a lot of solids/table food though.
  • that is almost exactly our schedule..we do breakfast a bit earlier but other than that its the same.  DS gets 26 oz of formula a day.  He gets 3 6 oz bottles and an 8 oz before bed...


    I too feel like he is eating more now than when he was a newborn....he basically eats every 2-3 hours 

  • That is pretty much what we are doing.  If I am not nursing (first and last feeding), then I am making a meal, or making a bottle.  
  • That looks quite familiar, it is very similar to what we do, he takes a total of 24oz of formula give or take, and a total of 9oz pureed food/yougurt plus some table food which mainly ends up on the floor!
  • Insert nursing or EBM bottles at daycare for bottles and that was pretty close to our schedule.  DD still eats about 6 times a day - 3 meals and 3 hearty/healthy snacks. 
  • Thanks ladies! Glad to know I'm not way off base!
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  • I think your schedule looks fine.  Does DS eat well at his meals?  I've noticed that when my boys nursed or had a bottle too close to meals they didn't eat well at the meals so I think the 2 hour spacing you have is actually perfect.
  • We do 6 bottles a day and DS eats between 40-45 oz.  He also eats 2-3 times (definitely lunch/dinner, doesn't always want breakfast).  We tried to take out some of the feedings but he is famished all of the time. 
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