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Old Mine Ranch in Dumfries

Has anyone been? Is it worth the $12 to take a 2 and 3 year old?
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Re: Old Mine Ranch in Dumfries

  • I haven't personally been there, but some people in my playgroup had this discussion about it back in March on our message board:

    "There is currently the idea posted to go to Old Mine Ranch, I know we have held Meets there before, It was one of my first. I won't bring my kids there ever again. The animals were not taken care of very well nasty pens. On another visit there were dead birds in some pens. I have pictures of some of their ponies with hip bones sticking out. I'm more interested in reporting them to an animal rights organization than visiting there again. Just my opinion."

    "I agree with you on that point. The last time we were there (about a year ago) It was a mess. The poor pony was in thigh high in mud and crud. They may have cleaned up their act since then. But I just wanted to let you know that I felt the same way when I was there the last time."

    I don't know if anyone ended up going since then or not, or if it's better now, but I just wanted to let you know what they thought about it.  The trip got canceled back in March.


  • Carla,

    I am rarely on this board anymore, but I just saw this and I second the recommendation to NOT GO to Old Mine Ranch!  Actually, I went 2 years ago with Alex and my MOMS Club and it was nice and he had a good time.  This past spring, I went again and it was awful!  There were piles of trash everywhere and the animals were really gross.  Alex got bit by a pony (which wasn't their fault, obviously), but they didn't even have a first aid kit...not even a freaking band aid for my little guy!

    Gross.  I'll never go back.

    Hope all's well...good seeing you a while back :) !


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