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Mom's Club?

Anyone belong to MOMS club? I am thinking of joining my local one. How is it? How is it different from other playgroups. Looks great from the info on the website!

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  • haha, calling it a Mom's Club made me think of Fight Club, hehe :)

    Seriously though, do you mean like a Mothers & More type group? My friend belongs to them and she loves it. There are weekly playgroups (by age) and then once a month meetings for the moms in the evenings where they have a guest speaker or some kind of topic of conversation. They also go out once a month for a Mom's Night Out.

    I belong to the Mother's of Multiples and we have basically the same thing except we have a lot more events and activities for families because they make almost $20,000 per year off the yard sale so it affords us LOTS of fun things to do!!! Also, our Mom's Nights Out are fully paid, wohoo! :)


    If the website looks fun, you should join. Many will let you check out a meeting for free to see if you like it, too.

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  • I just joined a Mom's Club in my area. They are really friendly and organized.  We have a calendar and there is something to do everyday on it. Majority of it is free :)
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  • Is MOMS Club different than moms groups?

    I belong to 2 moms groups (through  I just recently took over being the organizer (well, co-organizer actually...a friend and I are doing it together) of the one group because the old organizer got too busy and was going to let the group dissolve if no one took over. 

    I really like both of the groups for different reasons.  But mostly because  I've met a nice group of women, Ben has made some good 'friends' and I've actually become good friends with one of the women (the one I'm co-organizing the group with).  We hang out at each other's houses with the kids, take them fun places, watch each other's kids if need be, etc.  And it's nice because she's only 5 minutes away.  With the other moms group, we have a standing Monday morning playgroup.  It nice because the kids (since they see each other every week), seem to really have gotten comfortable and they play so well together.  We've been doing this for about 9-10 months.

  • Do you mean MOMS (as in Moms Offering Moms Support)?  If so, yes, I belong to my local chapter and I love it.  It is very low key but also well organized.  I pay $20 / year for dues and we have a meeting once a month, a moms night out once a month and then there is some sort of play group or activity literally every week day.  Most of the stuff is free and there is no hidden agenda or anything like that.  It is the best thing I have done since I started staying home.
  • I just joined a MOMS club.  It is great!  There are so many free activities.  Like pp said there are activities almost everyday.  It is a great way to get out there and meet other Moms.  Also, ours has playgroups that meet weekly so that you can meet other children that are the same age as your own child.
  • I am President of our chapter :). (for those asking, MOMS Club is an international organization with local chapters. You can check them out at moms to see if there is a local chapter near you) Obviously I have had a great experience with them. I joined when DS was 4 months old and am starting my 3rd year on the Board. I have met sone of my best friends through it, I have activities almost every day, and being involved has helped me have a "job" and use my brain in nine kid ways :)
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  • I am in a local MOMS Club.  I like it overall.  I am not super active but it is really nice to have a club with all sorts of activities planned that are typically free, as others have pointed out.  In particular I like the members of my play group and we get together outside of play group occasionally.  I would definitely look into it in your area, its a good organization.
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  • I just moved back to my hometown and I'm considering joining after this baby is born.. We didn't have a local chapter when I lived in the city and it was really easy to meet other moms at the park, out int he neighborhood, etc.  Everything I've read/heard about it has been positive!  I think it's $20/year to join ours.
  • I joined my MOMs club as soon as DD was born.  It has been good for me.  In the beginning it was kind of rough because DD was the youngest by 18 months and we have a very small chapter.  But almost all the moms in my group were pregnant with number 2 (seriously all but me and one other mom) so now DD is the oldest of the younger group of kids.

    I think it is different from other playgroups because it is pretty organized and there is a governing set of rules that all members are supposed to abide by.  So I think that helps keep away some of the cattiness.

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