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Momma Wants Her Body Back

Just saw this advertise on TV and was wondering if anyone has tried it.  If you have, what have the results been like?

Re: Momma Wants Her Body Back

  • I just got it and really like it. Lisa Druxman (however you spell it) is the founder of Stroller Strides, which I loved. I just started it, so no results yet. But it is a good workout. There are 3 10 minute ab work outs. I did one last night and it was more like 15 minutes. I also like that it has modified/regular/advanced modifications in the ab videos. The regular video has modifications too. There is an eating plan included (with a few good recipes) and how much you should work out, etc.

    If you google for discounts, you will find a link for getting the intro kit and the advanced dvd as well. The ab workouts and intro workouts are on the same dvd. 

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