omg it's funny but it's getting out of hand. — The Bump
Military Families

omg it's funny but it's getting out of hand.

point being military or not, everyone should know not to say anything about what is going on with their spouse or their own situations when it come to specifics about their jobs.

if telling you a thousand times is what it'll take to get it through to your brain then so be it. but don't expect a sugar coated response.

we don't walk around all day in a Hello My Name Is: sticker on our shirts all day so what's with the badges? Even if they're not military it's the internet they can post where they wish.

i don't know about dodge, maybe she's a *** maybe not but that wasn't the point of her post. if you think she was mean then ignore her.

i am not a pc person. i will say what i want when i want and how i want. this editing we have to do so we won't hurt people's feelings is getting in the way of a lot of things in this country.

if you don't like what i say, oh well. Smile 

the end.

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