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GW Hospital?

Hi there!  I'm in my first trimester and getting ready for my first OB appt in a couple of weeks.  Yeah!  I live in Northern VA and work in downtown DC.  My regular doctor at Hill & Reiter is now only GYN so I had to switch - and figured if I was going to do that, I'd pick someone affiliated with the hospital where I think I want to deliver . This landed me with a doctor at Medical Faculty Associates on GWU campus and GW Hospital for delivery (chosen for proximity to work/home, seemingly good reviews, etc.).  Anyone deliver at GW?  What was your experience with doctors, nurses, facilities (I think I read somewhere that it is all private rooms?) and so forth?

Sorry if someone has already posted about this, but I did a search on the boards and nothing came up.

Thanks! :)

Re: GW Hospital?

  • this sounds familiar, I live in VA and work in DC and also switched from HiII & Reiter to GWMFA.  I saw Dr. Gaba and she was good.  I delivered at GW and had a very good experience overall, the nurses were very nice, the labor room were huge and then I had a private room postpartum.  All the rooms are private there, the food was clean and good.  The only negative was that being a teaching hospital there were too many students which I did not mind at first but at the end I was tired and wanted to be checked by "real" doctors...hope this helps!

  • I have a friend who used to work at GW. She just delivered at Arlington. I asked her why. She said that she would never go to GW, as it's an inner city hospital. She said some of the incidents she's come across are crack head mothers and/or their partners, 4 potential "baby daddies" fighting in the hallway over who was the real father, and another "father" who pulled a gun on someone in the maternity ward for whatever reason. 



  • DH's parents live in Foggy Bottom across the street from GW Hospital, so they go there for all emergencies, surgeries, dr's appts. We are delivering at Inova Fairfax, and I just spent nearly a month there on hospital bedrest. After visiting me at Fairfax, MIL and FIL said that they are glad I'm not at GW and that Inova Fairfax is a much nicer place, the nurses are nicer, the rooms bigger, etc. It would have been much easier for us to deliver at GW but we went with Inova for all of the reasons the IL's cited (and were doubly convinced when we found out we're having twins...Inova Fairfax is the place to be for multiples or complicated pregnancies).

  • I switched from Reiter & Hill a while ago.  How about delivering at Sibley or Georgetown?  For Sibley many NW doctors deliver there.  From what I've heard at Gtown, you have to only go to the OB/GYNs that are at Gtown.  No others in the area have privliges at Gtown. 
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