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Would this bother you?

We went to a birthday party for a friend's 4yr old twins on Saturday. It was at a bounce house with all the inflatable slides, etc. A man who is running for local office stopped at the party and was going around giving out his card and talking to people/campaigning. His wife was the one working at the bounce house so I guess he thought it was okay. My friend was very upset that he was doing that at her children's party and I have to agree with her. That is not the time and place for politics in my opinion.  She didn't say anything to the man though because his wife was working there. Would that bother you and would you have said something?
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Re: Would this bother you?

  • Yes it would have bothered me and you better believe I would have said something.  I paid for a party for my child, not a rally for a politician.  She should write a letter.  And that guy would not get my vote.
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  • YES, that would bother me.  If it was just a playdate at a bouncy house, I would be annoyed at the campaigner but let him do his thing (away from me).  But this was her birthday party.  That is so intrusive and no question, if I was your friend I would have complained.
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  • if it bothered me- (which it would have) I wouldn't have had the slightest problem saying anything. But that is me.
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  • It sure would have bothered me and I absolutely would have said something.
  • That is not ok.  I would have polietly asked him to leave and campaign on his own time!  I'd refuse to pay the woman....its very unprofessional of her to sit there and allow her husband to do that and I certainly wouldnt be worried about offending her (I hope she (the wife) was embarrased). 

    So obviously it would bother me and I might have even gone as far as calling the police and saying the man was trespassing!  After all he wasnt invited!

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  • Yes.

    The candidate's wife should have asked the hostess if it was OK.

    As the hostess/mom, I would have told the woman that I didn't feel comfortable with her husband campaigning at my child's birthday party.

  • Yes, it would have bothered me and yes, I would have said something. Your friend shouldn't be that upset about it if she didn't do anything though. Complaining about something and not doing anything to solve it doesn't help the situation at all.

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  • unh uh, not okay.  i would have sent DH to kick him out.  i wouldn't want someone bothering my friends and family during a kid's party!
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    Yes and I would have told him to leave.
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  • I think that's really inappropriate, and I would totally have said something. I also think your friend should write a letter. It won't do anything but make her feel better, but she deserves at least that.

  • Absolutely.  I would have told him at the time that I didn't appreciate him interrupting my child's birthday party with his campaigning - no matter what party he is and whether his wife was there or not.  That was just out of line, IMO.

    If I were your friend, I'd be on the phone with his office first thing tomorrow morning lodging my complaint and telling his staff that he can consider himself having one less vote.

  • Was it a private event, like the whole bounce house was closed for your friend or was it open to the public.  It would bother me if it was private, but not if it was open to the public.  Honestly, I like to talk to our local politicians because We pay $20,000 + in local property tax each year.  I have a vested interest in what the local people are doing.  I welcome the opportunity to find out more about them other than the party line in the horribly one sided paper. 
  • Yep, it would bother me!! That's terrible! I dont know that I'd have to guts to say anything, but I might encourage someone else to (what else are DHs for?), and I would definitely write a letter to him and to the party location. 
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  • 100% unprofessional.

    I would ask for my money back!

    I'm not paying someone to have them/their spouse campaign on my own dollar, hell no!

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  • imageStacyc625:
    if it bothered me- (which it would have) I wouldn't have had the slightest problem saying anything. But that is me.


  • Yeah, that's sooo not okay, and I certainly would have said something. Though I'm sure campaigning at a childs birthday party most likely lost him more votes than it won him. So, either way, karma has him.
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