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Silly, possibly immature ?

DD's 2nd bday is coming up and I am trying to find a theme/colors for her party.  I am having a hard time because she is not into any characters or specific things and I not very creative. I really like this but SIL used the 1st bday stuff like this for my niece's birthday(3 years ago). It doesn't bother me to use something someone else used and other than SIL, MIL, and us no one else will be at DD's party that was at my niece's. BUT, SIL will tell everyone that she just loves that and she used it for her DD 1st birthday, etc. That will be all she talks about for the whole day and then call all her friends and tell them too. She is very competitive when it comes to me and my kids vs her kids for some reason.

Would you use it anyway or find something else?

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Re: Silly, possibly immature ?

  • If it is that big a deal (and it clearly is something you are already worrying about) I'd just find something else.  There are TONS of cute themes/ideas out there so just choose another and avoid the entire situation.  I have a similar SIL and she would definitely act like that and make everyone feel awkward at the party (she manages to do this anyway no matter what).  So, just do what you can to minimize that.  I am betting you'll sleep better if you choose something else.
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  • Well, if you don't care, then use it. BUT, it sounds as if it's going to bother you that SIL will make comments.

    I agree with the PP. There are so many OTHER themes out there!

    I did a "Tea for 2" party for DD#1's 2nd birthday. Very cute!

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  • Is it possible to head her off at the pass? Say something like, "I just loved what you did for your LO's birthday party and I was inspired to do something similar"?

    If not, I'd just find something else.

  • It would probably annoy me so much that she would do that, that I would choose another theme.  If you are sure that she is going to do that, I'd find something else because I wouldn't want to make myself crazy hearing her tell everyone.  That stuff drives me nuts too.  My SIL/BIL are like that.
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  • There are so many other non-character themes that you could pick from.  I would just pick something else besides the one your SIL used.
  • I don't think it's a big deal to use the same theme....but it would bother me if she were to go around telling everyone that she used it 1st.  I'd probably just use something else for that reason.
  • I'd just find something else. Those plates and things are certainly cute, but no end-all-be-all cute. I'm sure you could find something just as nice if you look, and then you won't have to deal with your SIL.

  • here are some of my favorite party inspiration sites if you have time to browse through- you might find a good idea in here, they've all had a bunch of really cute kids parties:


  • Well if it worries you enough to write a post about it, then find something else. I would be the same way, not wanting to do what SIL did just because it was *her* that did it and I know she would also tell everyone how she had it first. Not that ANYONE will care! But if you are just going to buy a prepackaged birthday kit, find another one, there are a million of them. Good luck!
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  • If you're concerned your SIL will make a small scene about it then choose something else.

    I really like the  Lady Bugs theme.

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  • Just do colors or rainbows!. Go to the Mexican/Fiesta section of a party store and get some rainbow streamers and those crepe balls and colorful plates. And balloons.

    It looks so festive and pretty.  And no need for a character theme.  Kids go crazy for those crepe paper balls.

  • How about a terrible tutus theme?
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