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Big boy bed

Yesterday I went shopping for a big boy bed (twin) for my DS (2 1/2 yrs).  We went to Belfort furniture and I really like the Stanley "young america" collection.  Then we went way across town to Baby to Teen.  My son went bonkers over the beds that are elevated like a bunk bed but instead of a bunk on the bottom there is a fort made of material and on top of the bunk there is a tent with a slide attached.  Apparently it's called a children's furniture system made by Maxtrix and Bolton.  DS was so happy with this bed.  I guess I'm so used to a traditional bed  that I'm not sure what to think of this new style.   Has anyone seen these beds and did anyone buy it?  I'd like to know if it was worth every penny because of the shear joy that your child is having playing and sleeping in it.  Also, I was surprised at how pricey the Stanley furniture was.  Has anyone bought that line of furniture?   Of course I came home and showed my husband both beds and he went bonkers over the tent bed too.  It must be a boy thing.  :)  


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  • I'm not that familiar with either furniture brand you mention, but I think you're decision should be based on what your long term intentions for the furniture are.  I think the bed you found with the slide sounds really fun, but will it still be "cool" when DS is older (middle school, high school)?  Are you prepared to buy another bed at that point?  If you are, then go for it. If you're intention is to buy something he'll use until he heads to college, then I would be hesitant to choose something so specialized.

    My two cents;)

  • We bought from the Young America collection for DD #1, well, actually, my one set of in-laws bought it for us through Direct Buy (so, a much better deal than at a regular store). 

    The AAP suggests bunk beds when kids are age 6 and older, so we steered way away from the elevated beds, even ones that aren't technically as high as the top bunk of a bunk bed.  But that's probably just me being paranoid.  At some point my girls - who will soon share a room - will be in bunk beds, but not until DD #1 is 6 yo.  In fact, we intend to buy a second bed for DD #2 from the Young America collection - and if all goes well, we'll buy the bed that bunks with #1's bed, so that both beds will be on the floor the next few years, and we'll bunk them when they're older.

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  • IKEA has twin beds that can be elevated or on the floor, so if he really likes the elevated beds, you may want to check them out.  That way, he can be on the floor until he's not prone to rolling out of bed, then elevated with a play space when he's older.

    I do agree with amh though.  The bed with a slide probably won't go over well with a middle schooler or teenager, so keep that in mind.

  • The furniture system is suppose to grow with your child so eventually when he gets old enough, the tent and slide come down and it turns into a regular twin bed.  I'm just not sure I like the whole tent aspect vs the traditional twin.  I can see my son loving the tent bed but will I love it for the next 5 - 10 years?  It certainly won't be a high school thing.  I do love the look of the Stanley "young america" furniture but I also like some beds at Pottery Barn kids too.  I guess the toughest thing about this whole bed thing began with the potential purchase of the mattress.  If we go with the tent bed, we only need the mattress but if I go with the standard twin bed, I'll need a mattress and box spring.  I really need to make a decision soon.  This poor child needs a real bed.  :)  Thanks for all your suggestions.  
  • Throwing in my two cents: we bought a bed that should last until BabyCrown moves out.  We bought a trundle, so we've got the second bed for when he and BabyTiara will need to share a room for a year or so.  The beds only needed mattresses and not box springs (also a consideration).  The best part is that BabyCrown is starting in the trundle so that we didn't need to worry about bed rails (the frame for the regular bed is in pieces divided amongst various closets).  DH wants to get bunk beds, but I'm paranoid about them (despite my brother having one) and this will push that purchase off for a few more years as well.
  • We bought a stanley young america collection for Carter's big boy room, we wanted something that didn't look like kids furniture and that would grow with him, we got a double bed. I saw those fort beds you are talking about and while fun, I don't think it would be all that cool in a teen's room.
  • The Young America bed we have for DD #1 is a captain's style bed, so higher than most beds with four drawers underneath (extra storage = a plus) and it's a platform bed, so just a mattress, no box spring.  But don't box springs just come with mattresses nowadays?  Or do you have to purchase it separately?  Maybe that's just when we bought our king bed for ourselves, not sure.
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  • While the idea of a tent and slide sounds fun, I don't think it's necessarily worth the price.  I feel like it would only be fun for a few years and I also don't know that I'd want to equate bedtime w/playing.

    I love the Stanley line too, but it was a bit more than we wanted to spend.  The bed I loved would've been almost $2k with the drawers or trundle underneath.  Yikes!  We ended up buying a captains bed made by Lia.  It's a bit higher off the ground b/c it has the drawers underneath. We haven't moved my son over yet, but he loves to get up there and pretend to sleep. I also really like this bed b/c you can put it lengthwise against the wall, which allows for more floor space.

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    The two things I immediately thought of after reading your description were:

    1) I wouldn't want my child's bedroom to be a play area.  They say that little kids should only associate the room with quiet activities and sleep. (this is a luxury for those of us with a designated playroom...if you don't have one, I understand the need to use the bedroom)

    2) Would it be easy to rearrange the furniture, or would you be stuck with the bed used only against one particular wall or something?


    Not criticizing or anything...just passing along what crossed my mind.  It sounds like a dream bed for a little one and could make for fun memories.  We put DD on a plain old double bed on a metal frame.  It took us almost a year to get her a headboard, poor thing.

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