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Jogging/Running Again

Hi Ladies,

I had my daughter 17 days ago and have been fighting the urge to go for a run, is it too soon to start jogging/running again?  Im sure they give you six weeks to recover for a reason, I'm just anxious to start again.  Any suggestions would be great! Thank you.


Re: Jogging/Running Again

  • I started walking and jogging prior to my 6 week check up because I felt fine and had a normal delivery.  If there were days when I was tired, I would just walk, but I kind of let my body tell me what I was able to do rather than waiting.  After the 6 week appointment, I started running again.  I did not try to over-do it or anything, but I did what I felt my body was capable of before my check-up!

    Good luck

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