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his eating went to crap again

He's been screaming through his bottles for days now and we've been struggling to get him to eat.  He doesn't tolerate rice cereal well and the prevacid had been doing a fine job.

The Pedi put us on nutramigen and he definitely didn't like the taste of it, got used to it and now is screamign through the bottle.  i even tried the rice cereal to keep it down...still screaming.

since midnight he has eaten a whopping 8 ounces.

I don't know who to turn to.  I hated teh pedi GI and the other one has a waiting list till September.

Re: his eating went to crap again

  • Oh, how frustrating! When we first started to try oral feeds after his heart surgery, it was terrible when things didn't go well. I felt like crying many times. We had the "luxury" of having a g-tube to make sure he got enough food, but a baby screaming during feeding when it should be a mommy and baby bonding time is heartbreaking. We are still battling the oral feeding...thank god for the g-tube or I would be in tears everyday and he would be tiny!

    I hope things get better...my first call would be to the pediatrician if you don't like your GI doc. Maybe your pedi has some other resources you can tap into to help the feeding situation.


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  • I'm so sorry. Have you tried a combo of zantac & prevacid? How about mylanta with gas-x for flare ups? Would that help? I know with Meredith we had to do a combination of things in order for her reflux to finally go away and we still give her mylanta with gas-x for flare ups. She still eats like crap and is still petite. She bf'd so I don't have any experience with formulas. 
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