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Sad ASD story

This person is from Long Island which is why it popped up where I live.  I am heartbroken for his family and worry so much about something like this happening to my DD.



How do you all deal with the anxiety of raising a child with special needs?  Especially those of you who are uncertain about your child's ability to eventually fend for him/herself in adulthood?

I know many of you have higer functioning children on the spectrum, but my DD's abilities are still questionable.  She is gaining skills slowly but surely, however, I'm not confident that she will be able to live on her own.

This kind of story just sends me into panic mode.  Seriously.

Re: Sad ASD story

  • That's horrendous, but frankly, that scenario is possible with ANYONE needing long-term support, not just ASD folks.

    My heart breaks for that family. :(

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  • I understand how you feel. When my nanny was in an accident a couple years ago I quit working. My son is nonverbal and has the mind of an infant at 14, it is hard for me to trust anyone with him. I guess we have to just pray God protects are babies.
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