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Grrr Air Tran!

I just realized that they broke LO's car seat! I gate checked it so I wouldn't have to worry about it being damaged and they still managed to break off one latches that keep the seatbelt in place when forward facing. Thankfully, we plan to keep him rear facing for as long as possible but I'm still pissed. Of course I didn't notice it until several days after the flight, so I don't even think I can make a claim. The airlines make me crazy! They seem to be able to do whatever they want and we can't do anything b/c they're all we've got. We're flying Air Tran again in a couple of weeks. I don't know what to do about keeping our carseat safe. Maybe I'll wrap it in bubble wrap.

Re: Grrr Air Tran!

  • How annoying!!!!  I would write them a letter anyway.  You never know.  They aren't going to rectify it if they don't know about it - maybe you can get a discount on your upcoming flight?  Or at least they can get back to you in writing as to what their policy is (which may be "sorry, but if stuff breaks, it's not our fault") but at least you'd know...
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