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Vindication! (s/o to carseat question)

My mom's bff ("fun mom") is visiting this week.  I had commented below that I don't let my parents (well, my mom in particular) drive with BabyCrown in the car.  Totally unprovoked she asks me yesterday "You don't let your parents drive with BabyCrown in the car, right?"  Hahaha!

Re: Vindication! (s/o to carseat question)

  • Ha! You aren't the only one! I won't let my FIL drive my son. He's nearly 80 and a horribly distracted and careless driver. He has multiple at-fault accidents yearly, not including the plethora of immobile objects he hits regularly (trash cans, parked cars, fences, light posts, curbs).

    I went off once when I learned that he had driven my son home from daycare. We'd asked MIL to pick him up that evening, as they live three blocks away. What is the need to drive? It was a nice day!!! I was soooo angry. We had already expressed that FIL was NOT to drive him and they did it anyway. I'll never ask them to pick him up again.

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