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~*~*~ McGuire/Dix -- Need off-base daycare recs! ~*~*~

Even as dual-mil, we STILL have a long wait. We're looking for a fabulous accredited daycare for our son (almost nine months old) in the area west of base (Lumberton or close by). 

Also, how much do you pay per month, and are you familiar with any of the places in this link?


Thanks so much!

Re: ~*~*~ McGuire/Dix -- Need off-base daycare recs! ~*~*~

  • Aww...I wish I could help. I grew up in Burlington Twp and we just PCS'd from McGuire in March. My DD went to an in-home provider who was not certified. I just looked up the preschool that my nephew went to and it doesn't start until 18 months. It seems like the Goddard School on Woodhaven might be a convenient option. I'd ask about it on the local board and check it out. Good luck.
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  • The only places I know of around the area who be a KinderCare and Goddard School.
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